Friday, February 18, 2011

This is how I spend my free time....

I have finally made it to my Nero game. Forgot to have my photo taken to show off my big hammer and my final creation of the uniform. For now I'm focusing on my wedding things and schoolwork.

Last week was finals week for school. This, to me, was hell with a side of a biscuit. My professor, as most do, tore into my web design and spit it out in ragged spittle covered bits. I'm not sure of which was is up and which way is down after that. Teachers, I beg you, if you're teaching an online class... please, please, please watch the wording in your comments. Is it meant to be snarky and negative? If not then why are you only pointing out things I messed up on? Record what you have fixed in previous viewings of the final projects and don't mark off your students for fixing what was initially your suggestion in the first place. This goes double for art based classes.

This was one of the three finals I made, I used every skill crammed into my brain in a 6 week time span.

Folks. This is harder than it looks.

This was the second of the three. It was a wonderful project and the one I had the most trouble creating... Creating for a vague client with minimal information and the inability to ask any further questions than what I was given in a stats sheet.

Sounds like fun? Then maybe you should look into Graphic Design as a major. If not then you can sorta understand my frustration.

I apparently used the wrong type of text. I didn't know that there was a type of text that was correct. This was not explained to me either. Nothing aggravates me as a student more than being told that I'm wrong and being given no explanation as to how I'm wrong. How do you propose that I learn?

This one was the third project. A raw file that I was to make into this beautiful composition. It started out as a nearly black canvas. I gave it a white balance and sharpened the image. Adjusted some of the colors. And I think I fell in love with raw camera imaging. Before my final I hated raw camera formats. They always ended up nearly black, I could never find a program to open it (little did I know I already had the program with my photo shop suite) and every camera had it's own version of the raw format. It's a wonderful format, but since there is not a universally recognised format for this (because each company wants theirs to be on top) it's hard to learn unless you're in a classroom setting, and reading directions straight from a how to for dummies book.

From all the projects that I turned in. I learned the most from the final one... photography may not be my preferred media, but I found a new love of it with this project. There is something to be said for photographers and the amount of skill needed to make a picture look good.

Anyone can point and click.

On that note.... I wish you all happy crafting, and much learning.

Handmaiden Ashley

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