Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Dual Tailed Jesters Hat

This hat was created for my larp charater Cabbage. She has a Harley Quinn twist to her so I wanted to make a hat for her. At first I crochet a hat that I ended up liking for every day use rather than for Cabbage. I searched idly for a two tailed Jesters hat, and finding only three tails and the paper triangle ones I finally gave up and decided to make my own and share.

I give you my simple Dual Tailed Jesters Hat!

1. Select your fabric. You can choose up to four different colors, but if you're still a newbie at sewing I suggest two colors to simplify things. You will need at the most 1 yard per color. Scraps from this are great for other projects and for decorations.

2. Measure out the Width for your fabric, this would be for the point at the center of your head to the end of the tail. You can make this longer and shorter as you wish. I wanted super long tails so I used the entire width of the fabric.

3. Measure out the height of the fabric. This should be at least 10 inches. The longer you make it the deeper the hat.  If you have thick hair or a large head you may want to cut it at 12 or 13 inches.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 three more times. Stack your newly made rectangles on top of eachother. Be sure to line them up as straight as possable. It wont be the end of the world if they're crooked but it makes it much easier if the cuts are straight.

5. Cut out this shape. Below is further detail as to how to make the cut. Be sure to save the upper 'heel' for scrap and decorations for your hat.

5a. Measure your head around, divide it by 4 and add 2 inches for sewing and comfort. This will be the opening area and you will begin your curve here.

(I can use my measurements as an example, my head is 24 inches around. 24/4=6 inches. 6+2=8 inches.)

5b.  Leave at least 2 inches at the bottom for sewing allowances. You can add more if you want the tails to be chunkier, and likewise you can subtract more, for finer smaller tails. I suggest not going smaller than two inches because it may be hard to turn it inside without tearing out the stitch.

6. Pin together your two seperate sides, if you are like me and have the same colors on one side then pin those two colors together.  Where you want to pin is the outside top edge and the edge of the tail leading up to the 90* angle. Do not pin this angle. Sew your edges, but do not sew that angle, this is your opening to attach and for your head. Below images show you where not to sew.


7. Pin together the two colors along the middle line and sew. Be careful not to sew the opening of the head space closed or to the color connecting areas. I did it once and even with a seam ripper it can be a pain to undo.

7. Turn your hat inside out, At this point you will want to add any decorations to the hat such as extra fabric, iron ons, and bells or poofies to the end of your tails.

I chose to sew diamond shapes of green into the black and minature crochet cabbage roses to the ends of the tails.
8. Turn in the edge of your head opening to around an inch pin and sew. This is where you would slide in the elastic if you wish. The elastic helps keep it on your head so I highly suggest it. Be sure to leave a gap big enough to thread the elastic through. Once that is done sew the gap closed.

Arrange your fabric as you want it  and now you're done and it's ready to wear!

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  1. Hi, my god im so happy i found this site. i never thought i ever find a site that would help me with making a jester hat like this! thank you so much!!! but i was wondering what my measurements i sud use if i wanted to make the hat fit a bit like a beanie. but not too baggy or so. the size of my head is almost 21". This is for a st. patricks day outfit that im and i had my grandma help me with making me a tulle skirt(orange and green). Im making a crop tank top, in which i took my last years st patricks day t shirt and cut off the fabric above the decoration, cut off the bottom hem and sew it into string like those on bikinis, then cut around the decoration(the decoration goes down to my belly button) by cutting from under the sleeves down and however shape i want it. the sleeves are short, therefore ill use them as the back of the top and make holes and use the strings i made earlier and loop them through the holes and doing so will give the shirt a corset back.(i may have to find a way to make a bone to keep the back from gathering when it is tied) I was going to wear this black nylon net top that has big holes, u can wear colorful tops under it, then wear a green bikini top under it. idk what ill do, i might still wear the net top. sorry for posting such a long comment. I just got into the writing the story.