Monday, January 31, 2011

Sushi, if you have ovaries it's 99.9% certain you like it...

I don't know what it is about Sushi that I love so much. Maybe it's the use of foods that I normally wouldn't eat or the fact that anyone who eats it overseas is like super thin so I think it'll make me the same way.... Don't laugh, I'm already short enough.

I decided that paying $20 for some semi-professionally made Sushi was waaaaayyy to expensive and wanted to make my own. So I went to my local oriental store and bought the fixings. This was only around $10 and left me with enough leftovers for five times the servings.

It took me a while to find the correct oriental place, because apparently typing in oriental grocery store in the local restaurant brings up anything from nail salons, Wal-Mart, and nearly any culture of food not American. I decided to write down the few that actually seemed to match my search criteria and go see them. The first one was out of business. The second was Thai. I saved that one in my memory banks for a different set of dishes, but still wasn't the correct. The third one I struck gold. I walked into the store, and I'm not sure if it was because I was giggling at all the candy (I love Japanese candies) or that I was the only one in the store with Irish skin, green eyes and red/blond hair, but the lady asked me if I was wanting to make Sushi and promptly whisked me around the store to get everything that they carried for sushi. She offered me a rolling mat, but I declined. As sure as I am that this mat is well worth it, I am in no state to spend $30 on a mat. She offered me the fresh fish as well, but again I turned it down. As sure as I am that I can make sushi, I'd rather be safe and make it with precooked crabmeats, fresh veggies and cream cheese.

I got home and started in on the rice. That was the easy part. Then I added the veggies and other items to make my sushi. After that I rolled... with wax paper. I only had a little bit of it, so I had to use it sparingly, but it worked as a suitable substitute for making the sushi.
My ending product appeared as such:
I know, professional right?

After some thought and digestion I went looking for further inspiration online for sushi types and recipes that I might be able to make at home with pre-cooked or other sushi approved foods that don’t exactly need cooking.

I didn't find much but one thing caught my eye.
Sushi Crochet......

I'm in heaven.

via This young lady I was able to make this:
Sushi and crochet, who knew!
I am going to try more. Ah, and I plan on making a tutorial for how to do Sushi, that is, if there's truly an interest.

Oh, and the title of the journal? The Fiancée likes to say that I'm female and therefore I love sushi... surveying my friends, he's probably correct.


  1. Awes it came out so cute! :) I don't see the products of my patterns very often, so this is a real treat! Thank you so much for posting a picture!!! <3

    Happy Crafting!

  2. Your homemade sushi looks perfect!!! Ya know, I've made my own before too and it still tastes the same as the professional stuff! And your little crocheted sushi is adorable!